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deleted any Instagram messages over the past two weeks

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HOUSTON — Two more lawsuits alleging sexual assault and inappropriate behavior were filed against Deshaun Watson on Tuesday evening, including one that states the Houston Texans quarterback has “unsent” messages on Cheap Jerseys Instagram and has contacted the women who had previously massaged him “through intermediaries.”

That statement in the lawsuit clarifies the contents of a lawsuit filed by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee on Sunday night that said Watson was deleting Instagram messages and contacting the women “who formally provided him massages, in an attempt to settle” those cases.

On Monday, Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said in a statement that Watson has not deleted any Instagram messages over the past two weeks and “categorically” denied that his client contacted any of the women directly.

After the two newest lawsuits appeared on the Harris County District Clerk’s website on Wednesday morning, Hardin released statements from 18 women who say that they have worked with the Texans quarterback and that he “never made them feel uncomfortable or demanded anything outside the scope of a professional massage.” Watson’s attorney said the statements were voluntary and from women who have collectively “worked with Deshaun more than 130 times over the past five years.”


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In addition to the two new lawsuits, Buzbee posted on Instagram on Tuesday night that he now doesn’t feel comfortable going to the Houston Police Department with any information and that he and his clients “will go elsewhere Cheap NFL Jerseys China to provide our evidence to investigative authorities.” Earlier this month, Buzbee said he would submit affidavits and evidence from several women to the Houston PD and the Houston district attorney.

“My legal opponent, Mr. Hardin, has a son who is on … the exclusive Command Staff of HPD,” Buzbee posted on Instagram. “I am not saying in any way that Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Mr. Hardin, has a son who has a Houston Texans Jersey, position that would compromise HPD and its investigation. I support his service, along with all Houston police officers-I think the rank and file know that.”

The two new lawsuits, which were available Wednesday morning on the Harris County District Clerk’s website, bring the total number of lawsuits filed against Watson to 21.

One of the lawsuits alleges that Watson “made obscene sexual gestures,” and the second says that over the course of four sessions, Watson “purposely” exposed himself to the massage therapist and touched her with Maurice Smith Jersey, his penis and ultimately groped her, coerced her into oral sex and ejaculated on her.

Watson has publicly denied any wrongdoing, and Hardin said last week that he believes “any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false.”

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy has stated that “the matter is under review” pertaining to the league’s personal conduct policy, and the Texans said in a statement that they would stay in close contact with the NFL during its investigation.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said Tuesday that the union would also monitor the situation.

“We monitor these cases, and if it results in an investigation by the league with respect to the personal conduct policy, we’ll Deshaun Watson Jersey, become involved in that,” Smith said during an interview with ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin. “Other than that — you know historically I don’t comment on open cases — but we are continuing to monitor it as it might impact this young man and the personal conduct policy.”

you should be the same Deshaun Watson Jersey no matter which team you are in

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Jalen Ramsey used to face the same situation as Deshaun Watson, he no longer wanted to play for his old club. In the end he got what he wanted and was traded to the Los Angeles Rams by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Of course, there are many differences in their situation. But the two have the same agent, and he understands Watson’s thinking.

In an interview, Ramsey believed that Watson would no longer play for the Texans.

“Very serious, he is very serious,” Ramsey said of Watson’s willingness to be traded. “Ultimately, Deshaun is a good person. He is a competent leader. Even now when people try to discredit him and speak ill of him, he is still working hard to Cheap NFL Jerseys contribute to the Houston community. So he is a good person. He is a professional. He will still do. Do good things in the community and may still help teammates.”

“But I very much doubt that he will play for the Texans again. He is very serious. I think he is very serious. It is about his influence in Houston. He should be serious.”

The Texans insisted that they had no intention of trading Watson, but Watson also insisted on leaving, even willing to go on strike and suffer millions Deshaun Watson Jersey of dollars in team fines and salary losses.

In Ramsey’s view, the Texans did not give the Watson team the right to speak as a quarterback.

“Because I’m not in the Texans, I can’t discuss his situation in detail. I’m not him. I don’t know every detail circulating. But from my perspective as an outsider, when you are an ace quarterback At that time, you should be the same no matter which team you are in,” Ramsey said. “Really, you want to have the right to speak cheap nfl jerseys china in the team. This is actually your team. Especially the best teams, their leaders, their quarterbacks have the right to speak, maybe not participating in major They may not have the final decision-making power, but they definitely have the right to speak. The team owner, coaching team, they will listen to opinions. Of course, this is the Los Angeles Rams Jerseys power given to the quarterback by the team, so they can continue to lead the team confidently . In my opinion, this is not the case in Texas. You have seen this kind of confusing and unreasonable things that have happened there in the past.”

Ramsey’s ability to force the team to trade himself doesn’t mean Watson can also. The position of the two makes a difference. No team has ever traded a top quarterback at the peak of his career. In addition, Ramsey was still holding a rookie contract when he was traded, and Watson has already renewed his contract with the team.

Given that Watson and Texas have no intention to make concessions, the stalemate between the two sides may continue for a long time.