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the core player in the Justin Simmons Jersey Broncos running defense

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On Friday, US time, the Mustang officially announced that it will use the privilege tag on security guard Justin Simmons.

This is the second year in a row that Simmons has been used the franchise label, and he is also the first player to be used the label this Cheap Jerseys From China offseason. Mustangs had the opportunity to negotiate long-term appointments with him before 7.15.

The deadline for using the team tag is set at 4 pm Eastern time next Tuesday.

Simmons was the 2016 three-round pick Justin Simmons Jersey for the Mustangs. Last season, he completed 96 tackles and 5 steals. This is the third consecutive year Wholesale Jerseys From China  that he has completed at least 90 tackles. Simmons has always been the core player in the Broncos running defense. He can defend against all types of players.

In addition to his stable performance on the court, Simmons’s charitable contributions off the court are also worthy of recognition. This is evidenced by Simmons’s participation in all defensive gears for the Broncos in the past three years. Last season, he was elected to the Broncos as a candidate for the Walter Payton Award.