the Cardinals were too Kyler Murray Jersey unstable in the second half

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The addition of J.J. Watt has given the outside world higher expectations for the performance of the Arizona Cardinals in the new season.

But the key to whether the Cardinals can finally defeat their divisional rivals and enter the playoffs in the 2021 season is whether quarterback Kyler Murray can continue to improve. The former No. 1 pick had an eye-catching performance at the beginning of the season, and his name once entered the discussion of MVP candidates. However, the injury in the second half of the season and the response of the opponent’s defensive team caused the Cardinals’ offensive team to decline in performance, losing 5 games Kyler Murray Jersey in the last 7 games.

Coach Kliff Kingsbury (Kliff Kingsbury) said Thursday cheap football jerseys that ensuring Murray can continue to improve is the team’s top priority.

“I want to make sure that we continue to make him improve and that we can take the next step,” Kingsbury said. “His ability to progress from his rookie season to last season’s performance without an offseason makes wholesale jerseys for sale me excited about his future. I think we all know that he is talented and he has the opportunity to become the best in this league. Players.”

Murray said last month that the Cardinals were too unstable in the second half of the season, making it difficult for them to compete with the best team in the league.

Kingsbury said that the absence of an offseason last year prevented him from personally helping Murray in training, which limited J.J. Watt Jersey the tacit understanding and ceiling between them. In the spring of this year, the teams are expected to still only be able to train online, and the Cardinals can only hope that offseason training will not be completely affected.

“For Keller, it’s just to keep honing his skills,” Kingsbury said. “You can never achieve perfection, but you can work in this direction. The important thing is to pay attention to the details every day-dedication to stable performance every day.”

When Watt joined the Cardinals, he stated that he chose the Cardinals because he believed Murray was a quarterback who could help him enter the Super Bowl. There is no doubt that Murray shoulders the high expectations of his teammates and the outside world. Kingsbury needs to make sure that he can deliver a performance that meets expectations.

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