This is also the second Aaron Jones Jersey consecutive year

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According to ESPN reporters, running back Aaron Jones (Aaron Jones) will renew his contract with Green Bay Packers for 4 years, with Green Bay Packers Jerseys a contract salary of US$48 million, including a US$13 million signing bonus.

Jones’s agent said: “We can also get higher-priced contracts in the free market, but Aron wants to stay in Packers”. Jones said in the live broadcast: “I am very happy to continue playing where I started my career.”

Jones was the Packers’ 2017 five-round Aaron Jones Jersey pick. Although he missed two games last season due to a calf injury, he still completed 1,104 rushing yards (4th in the league) and was selected for the Jamaal Williams Jersey Pro Bowl. This is also the second consecutive year that Jones has rushed for 1,000 yards. In the 2019 season, he rushed for 1084 yards and completed 19 touchdowns. In the first four years of his A.J. Dillon Jersey career, Jones rushed for 3364 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Packers have started contract negotiations with Jones since February last year, and because they were dissatisfied with Cheap NFL Jerseys Online the guarantee amount, Jones changed the agent. According to reports, at the time, the Packers offered Jones the fifth annual contract salary for running backs, but Discount Jerseys the amount of protection was not satisfactory.

In response to Jones or Jamaal Williams (Jamaal Williams) injured during the season, the Packers used a second round pick last year to select running back A.J. Dillon (A.J. Dillon) as insurance.

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