who was selected Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey in the fifth round of the 2016 draft

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Although the NFL’s salary cap will drop sharply this year, Cleveland Browns still hopes to retain the three most important wide receivers.

With the exception of Odell Beckham Jr., who will occupy $14.5 million in salary space in the new season, Brown has no intention to lay off Jarvis Landry, who will occupy $12.5 million in salary space. , And they hope to renew their contract with Rashard Higgins, who is about to become a free agent.

“I think he is an excellent player who can play a huge role in the team’s offensive system, so we look forward to his healthy return,” Brown general manager Andrew Berry (Andrew Berry) said of Beckham recently. He also revealed that Beckham’s knee injury is recovering well. Before the season was reimbursed due to a torn anterior Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey cruciate ligament of the knee, Beckham played in 7 games last season, was passed 43 times, completed 23 catches for 319 yards Cheap Jerseys Fast Shipping and 3 touchdowns.

As for Higgins, Bailey said: “He obviously played a key role for us last season. Our history of working with him is really positive….We will continue to communicate smoothly with him and his agent. We will see how it goes.” Higgins, who was selected in the fifth round of the 2016 draft, completed 113 catches and scored 1,615 yards Cleveland Browns Jerseys and 11 touchdowns in the five seasons he played for Brown.

For Landry, Bailey’s attitude is: “He really played well last season. He is one of our team leaders. Unfortunately, I did not follow him on Twitter. We like Jarvis very much. “Landry completed 72 catches last season for 840 yards, ranking first in the Cheap NFL Jerseys China team. He had previously posted a mysterious tweet on Twitter that caused a turmoil.

However, despite the two wide receivers occupying $27 million in space, Brown currently still has less than $25 million in salary space. They still have enough space to reinforce the team, allowing them to continue to improve on the basis of last season’s 11 wins and 5 losses.

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