youngest quarterbacks Joe Burrow Jersey on our team

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Bengals player personnel director Duke Tobin (Duke Tobin) held his first press conference in 2021. During the period he talked about the team’s offseason plan.

Tobin said: “We will never wait and see what happens. We are ready to intervene in a timely manner to see what results can be NFL Jerseys China achieved. Hope we can achieve the plan.”

The Bengals were one of the active teams during the signing window last year. They signed a total of 7 unrestricted free agents at a cost of 130 million U.S. dollars. It is not without reason to continue actively pursuing treasure in the free Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys market. The presence of quarterback Joe Burrow gives the Bengals confidence.

Tobin said: “We have one of the best and youngest quarterbacks on our team. We will also do our best to build a team around him and give him the Joe Burrow Jersey opportunity to show his abilities and truly shine. Everything starts with him. .”

In order to allow Burrow to play better on the court, it is imperative to reinforce offensive tackles and guards. Tobin said: “We will pay attention to this aspect. We will add new people to the locker room, and also have familiar faces Cheap Jerseys From China who will develop for another year. We hope that our strikers can stay healthy and work together for a long time. We will pay attention (Hu Feng) ) Here, I have been paying attention.”

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